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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Welcome to my Blog

I'm Chantelle, also known as Vex Vaudlain
And I'm a Writer, Blogger and Overall Fan of Wordsmithing.

Alright, I should probably aspiring writer and blogger. I confess to being one of those writers who has a love for all things literature, but has only recently committed to sitting down
and actually finishing one of my numerous novel drafts. Actually, I committed to sitting down and just writing PERIOD. I'm sure there are more than a few writers who had found themselves in positions like this at some point, or who are finding themselves in it now.

If you are, I hope to inspire you!

I started writing my first story when I was barely a few years into primary school - I had been introduced to books at a very young age thanks to my father, and it began a love affair with the written word that has lasted till now - and will probably continue for the rest of my life. That story is now long gone, but the love for writing will always remain.

That's Why I'm Blogging.

I love to write, and I want somewhere to show that dedication - somewhere I can share my love and maybe, just maybe, inspire a few others to fall in love as well. I want to take you on an adventure through the world as I see it, and hopefully energize and motivate you to take up a pen (or a typewriter, or a keyboard, whichever works best for you!) and take that step to writing something of your very own.

So What Will You Be Reading Here?

This blog will be filled with various topics around books, reading and writing. I will be sharing helpful information and resources for aspiring writers, interesting topics to look at and hopefully provide a few, somewhat insightful and motivational pieces! Of course, I will also be telling you about my journey into the world of literature, the challenges, the successes and the days that the status quo seems to be winning the day.

I intend to write 2 or 3 times a week, including a Flash Fiction challenge (in which I will participate myself) every week. The entries will be judged by my trustee panel of book obsessed pals and the winner will get featured on the blog for the week. I hope that this will be one of the many ways you enjoy a new experience when it comes to writing!

Lastly, and Most Importantly...

I want to hear your stories! Not just your writing, but your actual stories, journeys, challenges, etc. This blog is not just mine, but ours, and your feedback is very important to me. You can contact me on twitter, Facebook or through this blog or Google+.


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