Rebirth - A Sestina Poem - Dangerously Genocidal


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Monday, 3 November 2014

Rebirth - A Sestina Poem

What hand
had set alight this pyre
Shining bright in the night
In this wasted land
A solitary light
A lonely fire

It is this fire
Guided by an unknown hand
Becoming an eternal light
An undying funeral pyre
Of a forgotten land
Shadowed in eternal night

It is this night
Fighting an unknown fire
In a dying land
Deserted by the divine hand
This undying pyre
Is hope's new light

It is this new light
A crusader against the night
A renewing pyre
Of purest fire
A helping Hand
reaching to the ruined land

Ancient, long deserted, lonely land
A long time devoid of light
Reaching back to an outstreched Hand
Sensing salvation from the night
Throwing itself into the fire
Being reborn upon the pyre

Here, upon this pyre
The hope of a broken land
Here, within this fire
Shines a new light
And coming through the night
A reaching hand

And so, through renewing fire
And a rebirthing pyre
and Land
Find new light
And escape the night

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