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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Hellfire Club - An Excerpt from My NaNo Novel

Right now I feel trapped in a cold dark place - it doesn't feel nice and safe, like the start of the month when you know you have plenty of time, but it doesn't feel quite like the panicked rush of the last week either. Do you know what this place is called? I'll tell you.

'Just after the halfway mark - The Point of No Return.' Otherwise known as, 'How the heck did I get here, and where is the pause button!?'

Thankfully, I've been fortunate enough to have plenty of support through the cold sweats, sleepless nights and coffee filled writing drives. This has resulted in a semi acceptable word count and something that resembles the scum covered, back end of an excuse for a first draft of a novel! And yet, despite how horrible it is, I AM DAMNED PROUD OF IT!


Because I'm writing. And any writer will tell you, the hardest part of writing a novel is 'Writing The First Draft'.

Since I'm so proud of this forming first draft, I've decided I want to share some of it. Below you will find a short excerpt from the novel I am currently working on called 'The Hellfire Club'.

I hope you enjoy it!

   Mary cradled the little bundle closer to her chest as she softly sang a lullaby. Little Jack was such a quiet baby - her special boy. It didn’t matter who the father was. All that mattered was that it was in the past, and that she and Jack were safe.

Mary smiled as the baby continued to stare up at her with soft blue eyes, never blinking and reminding her of Jack Senior. She couldn't help but wonder if she would ever tell him about his father.

“Hush, little one, time for bed.” She whispered, walked over to the bed to lay him down.

No, she decided, she wouldn't tell him. He didn't deserve to know about everything that had transpired up to the point where she had fled that club. Maybe she would make up stories for the boy, give him a wonderful father. A kind, caring man. The sort of man who would travel the world, caring for others. Jack didn't need to know any different.

Mary tugged the soft blue blanket around him. There was a loud knock downstairs, and a few seconds later she heard a voice calling up.

“I will get it missus Mary!”

Annie had been a blessing, taking good care of her and little Jack. The kindly maid had been an angel during the pregnancy, and her cooking was mana to a pregnant woman with cravings. Annie had also raised several children and grandchildren of her own, and her experience was invaluable to Mary, who was still slightly frightened of being a mother.

After a few minutes of silence she turned to stare at the door of the bedroom.

“Who is it Annie?” There was no answer.

“Annie?” she called again.

When there was still no answer, Mary frowned. Annie was always very vocal about who came visiting and why. She seemed to sense that Mary wasn't very fond of strangers, and made sure to announce any arrivals quickly and loudly.

Mary carefully detached herself from her little one. With soft steps she walked across the landing, adjusting her gown to appear more appropriate.

“Annie, who’s at the…” she stopped abruptly as she caught sight of Annie’s lifeless eyes staring up at her from the floor of the foyer. There was no blood, but her skin was as pale as death himself.

Next to her body was a black shoe. A very familiar polished black shoe. Mary gasped, and slowly she looked upwards, instinctively taking a few steps back.

Piercing black eyes stared at her, as the man in black smirked at her toothily, his sharp teeth glinting in the candlelight.

“Hello Mary. Missed me?”

Well, that's that. As always, feedback is welcomed and much loved. I'd also love to hear about any lines from your own works that you are proud of! Leave your feedback, comments, thoughts or own snippets in the comments below!


  1. Oh how I've missed your writing! This tease was wonderful, keep writing I want more! And how have you been?

  2. You flatter me so! I've missed you too - and I'll make sure there is plenty more for you to read!


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