We Are - An Original Poem - Dangerously Genocidal


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Thursday, 5 May 2016

We Are - An Original Poem

Poetry Thursdays

We Are
An Original Poem

Judge me not, my friend.
Judge not the words from my tongue.
Judge not the colour of my skin
or the god I worship.

Can you not see, my friend?
Can you not see my history gone,
The loss my elders, my children, my kin,
All to your violent grip?

Are we not one, my friend?
Do we not bleed the same red?
Is there no dream that we share?
Do we not shed the same tears?

Do we not fight the same fight?
Have we not both bled?
And when we stand bare,
Do we not share the same fears?

We are all human, my friend.
That much is true.
You are me, my friend,
And I am you.

So different are we all
Yet we are all the same.
I care not for your place of birth,
Your history or your name.
You are me, and I am you.
We are the same.

We are

Vex Vaudlain   

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