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Friday, 5 May 2017

6 Laws Gone Wrong From Across The Globe

Every country has them – those strange laws that people either don’t know exist, or really don’t give a damn about if they do. Why? Because they make absolutely no sense at all. And believe me when I say that there are many, many more. So many, in fact, that some countries might just deserve lists of their own. From crazy regulations about when you’re allowed to let your donkey have a bath, to being jailed for being raped, here are:

6 Laws Gone Wrong From Across The Globe

1. Leave Bigfoot Alone; Washington

 While the other laws on this list deal with very real things, we’re starting off with something a bit more… fantastical.

In 1969 someone in Skamania County, Washington, had the bright idea to implement a law that explicitly forbade the killing of Bigfoot or any of is overly large and hairy relatives. This came after an influx of paranormal investigators and hunters who wanted to find and display the elusive beasty. If you’re lucky enough to find – and kill – Bigfoot, you can be punished by a $10 000 fine, or worse, be sent to prison for five years.

Monster hunting just isn’t what it used to be.

2. Comics Mean Jail time; Canada

Are you a comic book fanatic, or the owner of a comic book store? Do you live in Canada? If you answered yes to both of these questions, it’s time to consider moving to a different country. According to Section 163, 1b of the Criminal Code of Canada, implemented in the 1940’s, it is illegal to “possess, print, publish or sell a comic if you are possessing that comic for the purposes of sale.”

Although the law is often overlooked, there are still some people who would rather not take the risk and face a two-year prison sentence for indulging in a hobby. Of course, the image of some ass calling police to report a comic convention is pretty laughable...

3. The Roundabout Prevention Law, Sweden

Okay, it needs to be said – this law might be one of the strangest, but that’s almost balanced out by the sheer brilliance of it. See, in Sweden it is perfectly legal to be a prostitute. If you want to walk the night and entice guys and gals with deep pockets, go right ahead – the police can’t do a damn thing to you. But that is where the legality of it ends.

According to the Kvinnofrid law, pimping or operating a brothel is illegal. Even more so, it is illegal to buy sexual services. Yes, that does mean what you think it does. If you fall for the wiles of Penelope Prostitute and pay for your sex, you’ll be the one facing prison time while she gets off scot free – and the whole thing started off as a measure to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

How’s that for irony?

4. Cheaters Never Prosper; Hong Kong

In most places, being a bastard of a cheating spouse will probably just get you slapped with a divorce – unless, of course, your significant other loses it and bludgeons you to death. This is generally filed under ‘Crime of Passion’, and although it can help lessen your murderous spouse’s prison sentence, they’ll still get one. Not so in Honk Kong.

If a woman were to discover her husband doing the hanky panky with someone who is not her, she is legally allowed to kill him – so long as it’s with her bare hands (due to the issue of premeditation because what woman is stupid enough to plan a murder with her bare hands, right?). If she’s feeling merciful she can choose to send her hubby to a work camp for two years, because that’s so much better. Oh, and get this: if the moron goes as far as to marry his other lover, she gets to take half of all the possessions given to the secret wife.

Now that’s bargain shopping.

5. No Polish Potatoes Allowed; England

Sometimes people take rivalry too far, and in this case, our anonymous grudge holder took it all the way to the top – and what better way to get revenge than to pass a law? What makes this law really strange is that it wasn’t passed all that long ago; the Polish Potatoes Order was instated in 2004 and states that "No person shall, in the course of business, import into England potatoes which he knows to be or has reasonable cause to suspect to be Polish potatoes."

I just wish I knew what the Polish Potato did to the poor guy to deserve this kind of discrimination…

6. No Ring, No Hanky Panky; Dubai

There’s a certain law in Dubai that expressly forbids extramarital sex. In fact, getting your groove on with someone who you’re not married too can actually result in some pretty harsh jail time. On the surface, the law probably looks like a great way to prevent the transfer of STD’s or pregnancy out of wedlock. Let’s be realistic, though – the law isn’t going to know if you and your date sneak a quickie in your own bedroom after a nice night out. So here’s the question: who really gets the short end of the stick?

Not too long ago a woman was sexually assaulted in the bathroom of a hotel in Dubai. She went and reported it, and the perpetrator was caught and prosecuted. Unfortunately, willing or not, she had also had extramarital sex – and she was held accountable to the same law.

So who does this law really benefit? Other than unreported rapists, of course.

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