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Friday, 9 June 2017

6 Serial Killers That Have Never Been Caught

Jack the Ripper and The Zodiac Killer; infamous serial killers that still hold a certain fascination for people years later. Everyone knows them, especially because these notorious killers had never been caught. But they aren’t the only ones out there – and considering how far investigative techniques have come, it’s a little scary how many serial killers still manage to avoid police. Worse still, not all of them are actually that good – but they are brutal, ruthless and, in some cases, just really lucky. Here are:

6 Serial Killers That Have Never Been Caught

1. Edmonton Serial Killer, Canada

This is one serial killer – if he is a serial killer – who still has so many questions surrounding him that he doesn’t even have an official name. It all started in 1975, when the first body was discovered. Since then there have been at least 30 bodies of women discovered, all dumped in the fields around Edmonton in Alberta, Canada – many of them burned to death. So why is there no real interest? Unfortunately for the victims – and potential victims – they are mostly indigenous people, and prostitutes to boot. Neither of these things rank the poor victims high up on the priority list.

In 2003 Project KARE was established – a task force that is meant to be dedicated to solving these crimes and catching the killer (or killers) responsible. So far they’ve managed to establish a DNA database of the local sex workers – so that, you know, they can identify the bodies of more victims.

Believe it or not, they actually have a voice recording of the alleged serial killer. In 2010 Amber Tuccaro, one of the victims, made a call to her brother and it just so happened that the killer yacked on a bit himself. Eager to solve the case, the police released the tape… 2 years later. Reports indicate that women have actually come forward to identify the voice – but if the police have made any progress, they haven’t indicated anything.

The fact is this; until someone starts to take this spree of murders seriously, though, this is one killer that’s just going to keep on killing.

2. Highway of Tears Murderer, Canada

Another Canadian culprit, this murderer has been responsible for over 40 estimated female victims. All of the women were thought to be taken along a 720km stretch of Highway 16 between Prince George and Prince Rupert, starting in 1969. The latest reports of missing women are from as recently as 2011. There are 23 First Nations communities along the stretch, and the region Is plagued by poverty and lack of public transportation – which is ideal for this killer, as it forces his victims to resort to hitchhiking.

Naturally, there are many critics that blame systemic racism on the lack of results from the investigation. See, there's a little detail that is often overlooked... many of the victims are, in fact, First Nation women, and these critics claim that less value are placed on their lives. Their claims do seem to hold some water – Project E-Pana (another ‘project’, who woulda thunk?), responsible for looking into the murders, was only established in 2005. That’s 36 years since the first reported victims. To top it off, the victim that received the most attention (from both the media and police) was Nicole Hoar – a Caucasian woman who disappeared in 2002.

To date, no other progress has really been made. It does make one wonder, in this day and age, why it seems that less value is still placed on the lives of indigenous peoples. Aren’t we all flesh and blood people, damn it?

3. The Rainbow Maniac, Brazil

Between February 2007 and August 2008, 13 men were murdered in Paturis Park, Carapicuiba. The victims were aged 20-40 years old, with the first victim being beaten to death. The rest of the victims were all shot in the head, the last victim in the spree being shot twelve times. So… why these victims, and why the name ‘Rainbow Maniac’? Well, some insensitive asshole of a cop must have come up with the name while laughing it up with his buddies – the name refers to the gay pride flag. All of the victims were gay men.

It’s interesting to note that officials from the State Public Safety Department did actually announce that the killer could be a cop. They set out to prove it too, testing for the weapon used in the murder. Considering that they’ve been doing this since 2008, though, doesn’t inspire much confidence.

A retired state police sergeant was arrested in December of 2008, believe it or not. A witness took the risk and came forward which implicated the sergeant in the final murder. Another witness also claimed that the sergeant was no stranger to the park, looking for gay men. So, what happened to him? Oh, he had a trial. Not sure how surprising it was, though, when he was declared not guilty by a jury, with 4 votes to 2.

Whether he was guilty or not, the Rainbow Maniac is still out there.

4. The Doodler, California

According to reports, The Doodler (or The Black Doodler, as he was also known) was a serial killer in San Francisco. Between 1974 and 1975, the Doodler was responsible for 3 assaults and the deaths of 14 gay men. His nickname came from the fact that he first sketched his victims before sleeping with and then stabbing them to death. Here’s what makes this particular case so sad: Remember the 3 assaults? The police did arrest a suspect, and all three victims could have testified against him in court. They chose not to, for fear of persecution by their families, friends and employers for being homosexual - especially since one was a well-known entertainer, and another a diplomat.

If I may say so… people suck.

Harvey Milk publicly sympathised with the victims and their fear to come forward due to the persecution of gay men at the time. The fact that this serial killer was never brought to justice can, perhaps, be blamed on the fear of three men… but, in this writer’s personal opinion, the judgemental dickwads responsible for that atmosphere of fear and rejection is just as much to blame.

5. Charlie Chop-off, New York

This bastard – and I refuse to call him anything else – was active in Manhattan between 1972 and 1974. He was responsible for the deaths of five children, while leaving another child for dead. At one point a man did come forward and admit to one of the murders but, in the end, he was sent back to a mental institution – which leaves you to wonder if he was responsible for these killings or not.

The police still think that the mental patient, Soto, was responsible for the murders – and even the mental institute claims that he ‘could have’ escaped (excuse me, say WHAT?!) several times to commit the murders – and sneak back into the institute afterwards. But no, he’s not sane enough to know what he’s doing. Besides, you know, child murdering serial killers have ‘rights’.

The victims, generally between the ages of 8-10, were abducted and stabbed – not once, but up to thirty-eight times. The killer didn’t stop there. As if abducting and stabbing the young boys weren’t enough, Charlie also mutilated them. If you can’t figure out how this particular sicko did that, let me put it to you this way: if he’d been called Chop-off John, it wouldn’t have been inaccurate.

6. The Babysitter, Michigan

The name given to this particular killer is very apt, considering his M.O. Between 1976 and 1977, this killer abducted, and murdered, four children – that are known, but more are suspected. The victims that are known include two boys and two girls; Mark Stebbins (12), Kristine Mihelich (10), Timothy King (11) and Jill Robinson (12). Before he would kill them, the murderer would keep them for anything from 4 to 19 days – hence the name ‘Babysitter’.

Although the bodies tended to be arranged neatly, hands folded and clothed, their appearance belied the horrors they’d been subjected to. Both Mark and Timothy had been sexually assaulted by an object before being murdered. Mark was strangled, Jill shot in the face with a shotgun, Kristine was smothered and Timothy had been suffocated. In an emotional appeal for the safe return of their son, Tim’s mother said she wanted to serve him KFC – his favourite food.

Maybe it was a sign of emotion from the killer, or maybe he just to prove that he was aware of the suffering he caused. Either way, Timothy’s post-mortem showed that he’d recently had KFC to eat. Despite tips, a specialized task force and a $100,000 reward… the killer was never caught.

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